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It has long been recognised that stress has a negative impact on cognitive function. Added to that, the belief structure of the student as to whether they feel that they are capable of being successful amplifies the detrimental biological effects. The net result is an examination candidate with both physical symptoms and a negative mindset. Regardless of how well taught and intellectually capable that student is, they will fail to perform at their optimum level. In some instances they will fail to perform at all by not turning up for examination, so bad are the fight-or-flight symptoms.

The initial Psynaps® research was conducted at London Metropolitan University with bio-medical and psychology students who were about to take exams and demonstrated statistically significant reductions in pre-examination stress levels amongst participants. Impact studies are now being conducted into the long-term effects of this on self-efficacy and academic performance.

If you would like the Psynaps® academic programme for your students, email us on academic@psynaps.co.uk or call 07970 660 371.

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