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Psynaps® will supercharge your brain. Naturally.

Psynaps® has evolved out of a PhD research project involving cutting edge bio-medical and psychological research methods into sleep, memory and performance enhancement and positive psychology, as well as the use of naturally-induced altered states. The research team has been drawn from the fields of bio-medical science, medicine, psychology and education to create a unique programme which is validated by clinical data.

What is a Psynap?
for psychological and nap for a brief sleep-like state. Psynaps® uses the highly suggestible state experienced naturally between waking and sleeping to deliver psychological processes in a more focused, intense and structured manner.

The programme involves face-to-face sessions (individually or with groups) accompanied by a series of downloadable MP3s. It can be used in any environment where stress reduction is required, whether school, further education, or in enhancing senior adult cognitive skills.

How is this achieved?
Recent research has demonstrated that a brief power-nap improves an individual's capacity to learn and recall. Anecdotally this state has long been regarded as one which encourages creativity.

Salvador Dali would nap with a spoon in his hand, and a plate beneath it on the floor, and when he was drifting off would be woken by the spoon hitting the plate. Then he would put his ideas down onto paper. There are many stories of music, art and scientific discoveries being the result of ‘daydreaming’.

Albert Einstein claimed that his primary creative thinking process took place through visual imagery, and stated: 'I very rarely think in words at all'. It could be said that it is primarily the image and imagination that guides the innovator to new discoveries.

Psynaps® creates a heightened state in which you can be creative, learn and remember. Ongoing research into this subject demonstrates discernable improvements without any negative impact on the individual.

Psynaps® acts as an amplifier, taking natural potential and enhancing it. The psychological interventions utilised within this process are designed to be both safe and specific. The individual experiencing this process feels completely in control throughout.

'There is a law in psychology that if you form a picture in your mind of what you would like to be, and you keep and hold that picture there for long enough, you will soon become exactly as you have been thinking'.
- William James (1842 - 1910)

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