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Sportsmen and women are amongst the most focused individuals in the world. Variations on the ‘Inner Game’ have long been used to create a success state. Psynaps® takes the Inner Game to a new level, optimising physical, mental and emotional tolerances.

Artists and actors are supposed to thrive on stress, but this is only part of the story. Short bursts of intense stress optimise performance; long-term exposure reduces creativity and creates anxiety. Working with actors and groups, Psynaps® develops skills and creativity to produce excellent performance.

The Psynaps® sports and arts specialists have worked with some of the top athletes and actors (both stage and screen) in the world. As we pride ourselves on confidentiality, you will not hear about the people whom we have helped, unless they talk about it themselves.

The Sports and Arts programmes are usually one-on-one sessions, recognising that the individual’s requirements are unique. When working with teams, we always work in conjunction with coaches and team psychologists, recognising that our work is complementary to their processes.

The majority of our work in these areas is through word of mouth, and absolute confidentiality is assured.
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